30 things I’ve learned at 30



As most of you know, my goal in life is relentlessly dedicated to one purpose: Helping men.

In the Western Culture where I currently reside, the entire mainstream agenda is lift up women and put down men. The result? Complete misery for most people. The facts don’t lie, women are progressively getting unhappier. Men are coping and overcoming because that is what men do. But there is a serious lack of help for men out there, hence me creating this list to help my brethren. This list isn’t exclusively dedicated to men but as a man, I assume that it will probably be interpreted best by my own gender. Women can definitely use most advice here because most concepts are universal truths. This is the knowledge I’ve acquired after traveling to over 10 countries, living in them, observing them in my short time on this planet.


1.) It is all your fault.

No matter if you’re reading this on a luxury flight to Bora Bora in the comforts of first class or on a cracked iPhone screen using stolen Wi-fi from your neighbor in the ghetto. 99% of every aspect in your life is completely your doing. This is either liberating information for you or enraging you more. For those of you angry, your mindset is that of a victim. You can sit there and bitch and moan and cry about your situation or you can get off your ass and fix it. We live in an age of no excuses. If you’re reading this, you can change your life. Racism, sexism, ageism, whatever new age garbage you think is affecting your life situation, isn’t.


Jim Rohn said it best:

“The ultimate sign of maturity is taking responsibility for your own actions”

So are you a mature man or are you still a boy? You can make that change and acceptance of manhood today. The question is, will you do it?


2.) There is absolutely an “Illuminati” like group out there trying to control the world and their goal is to reduce the global population.




I bet most of you weren’t expecting this as my number two. Hear me out, I am certainly not some conspiracy nut but a rational and analytical man who has seen similarities across the cultures of the world. In America especially, they are pushing a global agenda to lower the population. Anything that can lead to people reproducing is usually looked down upon and those who can’t reproduce are praised to the highest extent. Examples?


These are just some general examples but the list runs deeper and deeper. Do some hunting yourself and you’ll see the truth. A staggering majority of all these above agendas are supported by global governments and Hollywood. Think for yourself and don’t be a slave to the propaganda. Spread the word to other people. This is a losing war for them.


3.) American women are the worst for relationships in the world.


A quick disclaimer before you start this point: I am not saying ALL American women are bad. There are plenty of good American women, I work with a LOT of them. Some of them are truly charming as well. It seems to me that the liberal areas are the ones that are affected the most in terms of having bad American women around for relationships. I do NOT hate American women at all! I have learned a lot from them and the beginning of my journey to understanding dating (in order to help men) started with American women, plus Ivanka Trump is a true American beauty!

40% of all American women are obese. 25% of American women are taking drugs for a mental health condition. 69% of American women initiate divorce. (Which is devastating for the children and bad for producing mentally healthy citizens of a nation.)


Ask any American man and he will probably agree with you. Selfish, demanding, entitled, and masculine. Dating women in the USA has become an outright unpleasant experience. Media, government, and culture all enable this poor behavior. A woman I went to high school with has been cheating on her husband since they were married, when I asked her “What happens if you get caught?” She just laughed and replied, “We have been married long enough that I am guaranteed lifetime alimony.” No regard for her 2 sons, no regard for her husband who slaves away at his job so she can complain about being an oppressed housewife in America on facebook, while sleeping with strangers, and drinking Starbucks coffee. The men who live here in America just get it, they know women here are second rate compared to women from Europe, South America, and Asia, if they have ever traveled abroad and dated multiple women from other non-western countries.


Proof? Sure. Internet search engines autocomplete your search based on how many people have searched similar terms before. Here are some results:




Google has censored the autocomplete but if you type in “Why are American women” in the search bar the related searches are very similar to those provided on Yahoo.



My personal experiences with women outside of the USA have only validated these claims. Quite frankly, if you’re a man in America who can sleep with a lot of women. The world is your oyster, we are the most desired men in the entire world outside of the USA, given you have taken good care of yourself mentally, physically, and financially.


4.) Feminism is cancer. 


If you do some digging into the history books, you’ll find out that the entire feminism movement was funded by the CIA and the Rothschild family. Aaron Russo was famously interviewed about this subject before he died.


Most of the men in America know, woman who says she is a feminist=trouble.

Feminists are not looked upon in a good manner in the United States. Men in the USA associate ugliness with feminism, which is largely true. Some of the leaders of feminism are very ugly and fat women, who also want other women to be fat and ugly.


These two just serve as examples amongst a myriad of unattractive feminists. It’s plain common sense here in the United States that if a girl is fat and or ugly, she is most likely a feminist. Feminism is the cause of the destruction of the family unit in the US, the worst gender relations in the world, and the epidemic of false rape hoaxes that have swept the nation. While at one time it may have been about equality, now it is a haven for women who quite frankly, hate men.


5.) Sex with a lot of women won’t bring lasting happiness or confidence


I know this may sound hypocritical coming from me, a man who has slept with 139 women so far to date. However, I can definitely tell you that I have lost almost all desire to get back on the dating circle and begin wasting my time with dates, feigning interest, and wasting money just to have sex (I think a large part of that has to do with me being back in the USA but I can further elaborate on that when I leave the country again.) This primarily stems from a lack of excitement, I know dating so well that I can predict what is going to happen in my seduction efforts. The initial happiness and high will undoubtedly bring you such a rush of happiness, excitement, and confidence, however if you master the understanding of seduction, these effects will wear off. Quite frankly, if a woman gives me the time of day, I know I will sleep with her. This segues into my next two points.

6.) Every man must learn and develop the skills to go out and get the type of woman he wants.


This will bring you confidence. As a man you have to know that you have what it takes to go out, speak to a woman, and get her to have sex with you. This is absolutely imperative to your mental well being as a man. Why?


Because if not, you will be a slave to the whims of a woman in hopes of receiving some sex from her, in exchange for your obedience. Like a dog begging for scraps, that is what you will be reduced to.


No doubt with the current affairs of sexes in the Western world this has become harder for the average man, it is indeed possible. When you are able to go out and have sex with the kind of woman you want, it gives you a confidence that allows you to challenge other things in your life. It will spill over uncontrollably. I remember when I first started to get what I wanted in terms of dating, I began to think about other areas of my life. I had a job that I hated and I thought to myself “If I have the mental ability to learn how to get the women of my choice, then I can apply the same logic to get the kind of job I want.” And I did exactly that, I quit my job at a multi-billion dollar company and pursued my life long dream of living in Japan. From the moment I quit, 6 months later I touched down in Tokyo. That solidified my awakening but it also lead me to knowing about my next point.


7.) With great power comes great responsibility


Her name was Chiemi (Chee-em-ee) she was half Brazilian and half Japanese. Quite frankly, she is one of the most beautiful women I have ever dated in my entire life. I lead her on thinking that we could potentially be boyfriend and girlfriend one day, but it all came crashing down when I told her I was moving to Hawaii for another woman. She broke down in front of me and cried the most sincere tears. I’ll never forget the moment I caused her so much pain and it forever changed me. My stomach twisted into knots and I sat on the train home from Tokyo contemplating what I just did to this girl (although it was somewhat justified because she was still technically dating a guy long distance in Indonesia when we met and she broke up with him after dating me, so maybe this was karma for her).

The point I’m making is this: Just because you can have sex with a woman, doesn’t mean you should.


The more women a guy sleeps with, the more it damages her. I don’t like damaging good girls, because our society needs them to be good mothers and good wives to men. In Osaka, I met a beautiful 24-year old virgin girl named Kumi, she was absolutely in love with me. She confessed her love to me and said she always wanted to be by my side. At that time, I was on a sexual rampage dating beautiful woman after beautiful woman. It was like being a celebrity, I was so sexually satisfied that I would actually have to take a break from women and sex because I was sexed out! Could I have taken her virginity and slept with her? Absolutely. It would have been extremely easy because she wanted me with all her being. But I didn’t because I have a code: Never corrupt a good girl.


8.) Intensely screen all girls to find out who they really are


You can never really trust a woman to show you who she really is within the first 90 days of dating her, sometimes longer. This is why I tell all guys to heavily screen the women they are dating to find out who exactly they are dating. How? I personally like to ask them questions to information I already know to see if they lie to me. For example, one girl I was dating gave me the strangest feeling that she was still meeting her ex-boyfriend. It was a nagging feeling that bothered me a lot, I asked her if it was true and she denied it. Something inside of me told me to keep asking her but it was always the same answer: “No.”

Like Batman, I am a detective



I had to get to the bottom of it. One day she wasn’t answering my Facetime calls and she always answered them. My intuition was going off and I just KNEW something was happening. I remembered that I had her password to her Apple ID, so I logged into iCloud and ran find my iPhone. I saw that she was somewhere that was not home, finally she facetimed me back with wet hair and a towel in her hand. She said she was in the shower the entire time (yes this is a real story and she went to these lengths to lie to me). I asked her time and time again if she was sure that she was telling me the truth. This was part of me waking up to the truth of my life:


I was dating a liar with no integrity.


I am glad this happened though, because it made me a better, smarter, wiser man. In my mind, I thought I was dating the most perfect, amazing, and loyal girl. The reality of it was quite the opposite. This is why I tell all my coaching clients that before you make a massive commitment to a woman, screen her heavily.


9.) People won’t change unless they want to, so stop trying to change them.


This ties in nicely with my last point. You can’t change people, no matter what. You. cannot. change. people. We’ll keep this point very short and to the point: If you want someone to change, ask them once. If they comply, you’re lucky and go on with your life. If they don’t comply accept it and move on.


You will only waste time trying to change anyone other than yourself.


10.) Believe in yourself.


I know this sounds like your typical cliché basic bitch advice, but hear me out. Henry Ford had a very very powerful quote that I live and die by:


“Whether you think you can or whether you think you can’t, you’re right.”


In the 2016 Rio Olympics South 20 year old Korean fencer Park Sang-young found himself down 10-14 in the gold medal match against Geza Imre from Hungary. To win this bout, you must score 15 points. Park’s own coach confessed that at this point, he too had given up. Park Sang-young had different plans. He was seen sitting on the sidelines by himself speaking to himself in Korean. He kept saying the words: “I can do it. I can do it.” 


Hollywood couldn’t come up with a better story than this.



In the video above you will witness an amazing point in human history. Park Sang-young refused to give up and with the entire world watching, waiting for him to fail:

He said “NO.


Scoring 5 consecutive points in a row, he defeated the Hungarian and won the gold medal. How? He believed in himself. No amount of self-help, motivational videos, books, or anything will lead you to success if you don’t believe in yourself. When I was 26, I decided that I was going to quit my corporate job and just find a way to get to Japan. Someway, somehow, I just knew I had to do that or I would regret it. Most of my “friends” mocked me. They didn’t believe that I could do it. My own mom doubted me. Only 3 people believed in me. 300 applications, 3 failed interviews, a whole lot of disappointment, and a few strained relationships later: In 6 months from that day, I touched down in Tokyo with a big smile on my face and an even bigger “fuck you” in my strut through the airport. The world doubted me and I proved them wrong. No one can ever take that away from me and it all started with believing in myself. 


11.) Picking up women is a skill that can be learned by any man with a functional brain.


There is no magic to it. As simple as 2 + 2 = 4, seduction can be reduced to simplicity if you pay attention and learn from a credible source. There is nothing magical to it, there is nothing special. If you do what needs to be done, you too can have success with women, whatever you may qualify success as. I talk about this in depth and weekly on my Youtube channel.


12.) “Be yourself is good advice” unless you suck, then you have to change.


“Be yourself.” Such well meaning advice that is absolutely misinterpreted in every sense of the word. If you’re a 300 pound man, who is unemployed, covered in acne, and you live in your mom’s basement the truth is being yourself will absolutely not get you success with women. In America, I see standards of beauty, fitness, and attractiveness falling at a rapid rate. The body positive movement is blatantly telling women who weigh 250lbs+ that it’s ok to look like this and if men don’t like it they are misogynist. The dad bod is becoming accepted for men as well. If you want to have above average success in dating, then you have to be above average and most likely if you’re not having the success you want, you’re being average. If that’s the case then being yourself is not good enough and you have to change.


13.) Being good looking is helpful to every aspect of your life.


As you can see my douchebag levels over 9000

As you can see my douchebag levels are over 9000


I studied and majored in Psychology. I am a scientist (like Batman). There is a fascinating fact I learned in my academic pursuits and it’s called the Halo Effect. What is the Halo Effect?


The habitual tendency of people to rate attractive individuals more favorably for their personality traits or characteristics than those who are less attractive.


People just treat you better when you look better. They automatically assume you are better than them to an extent. The University of Minnesota surveyed 60 students. They were given three different photos of people and asked them to rate them just based on their looks. One attractive, one average, and one unattractive person. The students were to judge personality traits the following personality characteristics:

  • Altruism
  • Kindness
  • Extraversion
  • Self-assertiveness
  • Stability
  • Trustworthiness
  • Sexual promiscuity

I’m pretty sure you know where I am going with this, but attractive people were scored WAY higher than average and unattractive people. Case in point? Do your best to look good and stay looking good. Humans are shallow and vain, these are the facts of life. Be a sexy man or a beautiful woman and have NO regrets about it.



14.) You can absolutely judge a book by it’s cover and most of the times you will be right.


What a person looks on the outside is a direct reflection of their mental state. Fat people are fat because they are lazy and most likely stupid (calculating calories requires 2nd grade math at most). If someone has a messy appearance they most likely don’t have their priorities in line. A person with a terribly dirty and messy house most likely has a terribly dirty and messy mind. Two people walk into an interview, one person is clean cut, iron clothes, smells good, and is smiling. The other person has a scruffy face, wrinkled clothes, and is frowning. Who do you think will get the job? If you read point 13 you know what I am getting at. The first person shows they can think ahead of time, plan effectively, and understand basic human psychology as well as a business sense. This all comes from their mind. The absolute same can be said about the second person, their lack of attention to detail and organization is a direct reflection of their mental state. If you were the boss and saw these two people in the lobby waiting for an interview, can you honestly say you wouldn’t think the same?


15.) Without a purpose, your life is meaningless.


We’ll keep this short. Find your purpose, find out what you want in life, find out how to get it, and don’t stop until you achieve it. Then find a new purpose and repeat. Agent Smith in the matrix sums it up pretty well so I’ll give the mic to him now:





16.) The male loser is a man who cannot get women. The female loser is a woman who cannot keep a man.


This is the irony of our life. A man who cannot get women is looked down upon by society. A woman who cannot keep a man (get married and have children) is looked down upon by society. Don’t be one of these people. 40 year old virgin. Crazy cat lady. The examples in pop culture are there negatively for a reason and they aren’t going away.


17.) Dating is 100% a numbers game and anyone who says otherwise is a liar.


It is simple statistics but for illustrative purposes I will compare it to a game of darts. If I gave you 1 dart to throw and hit a bullseye, how many of you reading this think you would hit the target? Now imagine I give you 100 darts to throw. Would you agree that your chances would improve? Dating is the same way, if you talk to only one woman and ask her out on a date, you would have to be pretty skilled to get her to say yes. But if you talked to 100 women, you would almost certainly get at least ONE woman to say yes. Another factor to calculate in is that as a man throws darts (asks women on dates) he can objectively analyze his performance and work to optimize it (throwing darts to get a bullseye = asking women out on a date to get them to say yes). The more you throw, the more you know.



18.) Women want attention like men want sex.


Anytime, anyplace, any age, they each want it and this is pretty much 100% true.

This picture pretty much sums it up.

This picture pretty much sums it up.



19.) If you’ve read this far down and looked at all of the videos, data, etc that I’ve posted in this blog post: You’re most likely going to be a successful person if you aren’t already


The proof is in the pudding. Most people who give up in life, give up on everything. This is why they don’t succeed. Success is partly not giving up and revising your strategy. I could have easily put this point as number 30 but I chose 19 because most people will read the 1st point and last point. Point 19 is a sleeper. Send me a tweet if you read point 19.


20.) Discipline will fix 99% of all your problems


Discipline made me go from disgusting slob to sexy bod in 6 months.

Discipline made me go from disgusting slob to sexy bod in 6 months.


Success in any field boils down to self discipline. If you want a good body, you’re going to have to go to the gym regularly and eat healthily. If you want to meet women you’re going to have to go out and make a point to talk to women daily. If you want to save money and live by a budget, you’ll have to make a financial plan and stick to it. Discipline is rare these days. We live in an instant gratification culture. Rising poverty, obesity, and unhappiness are not coincidental, these are direct causes of emotional thinking and actions vs disciplined ones.



21.) A winner does whatever it takes to win.




If you really want to win, you’ll do whatever it takes. There have been moments in my life when I wanted something so bad I was like a man possessed. There was absolutely nothing that could stop me. A perfect example was when I wanted to get the Hell out of Hawaii. In December of 2013 I chased an ex-girlfriend out to Honolulu, Hawaii because I wanted to be with her and I vacationed there with her for 3 weeks. She seduced me into the idea during my vacation with an endless supply of sex, home made tacos, and adventurous outings. 3 months of living on that 44 mile long island were ENOUGH and I was ready to get the FUCK out. I stayed 10 months longer than that because I landed an amazing job that was putting the most money I ever made in my life into my pockets. But in October 2014, deep in the unforgiving traffic of Honolulu (3rd worst traffic in the USA) I had absolutely lost it. I hated the locals treating me like a 2nd class citizen, I hated the close minded culture, I hated the fat women, I hated the overall stupidity there, I hated the $9.00 per gallon orange juice, I hated the corrupt police force, I hated it all. I wanted to punch King Kamehameha right in his face, I wanted to eat a Hawaiian Sea Turtle to spite the island, and soccer kick the owner of Zippy’s just to make a point that I wanted out. I was finished.  I said fuck this, I can do it. I can get off this goddamn inbred island. I then determined that I would save $4,000 dollars, go to Osaka, Japan where I always wanted to study the dialect of Japanese there, find a job, and find a company that would sponsor me with a visa before my 90 day tourist visa expired and the Japanese government would deport me. Most people (as usual) thought I was insane to go through with such a bold plan. No friends, no family, no visa, no job, and barely speak the language? In a city where I have never been before just trying to make it, guess what happened?


I accomplished my goal because that’s what winners do.


I landed in Osaka and in 3 weeks I was employed after negotiating a cash only payment with a local school owner until the visa he sponsored me came through. I won, again and for me the only better feeling than having sex with beautiful woman is winning.


22.) Always trust your gut feeling.


Like Spider-Man never doubts his Spider-sense. Never doubt your gut.

Like Spider-Man never doubts his Spider-sense. Never doubt your gut.

This ties in nicely with my last post. Remember when I said I met a local school business owner who I negotiated to work for in exchange for a visa? When I met with him and sat down to talk business, every single fiber of my being told me that this guy was no good and I should not work for him. I chalked it up to paranoia but lo’ and behold. 3 months into working with him, he didn’t like the fact that I refused to be his slave outside of the work place and screwed me out of $700 in unpaid wages. I had the last laugh though because that visa he gave me was forever mine and lead me to the most lucrative Business English teaching contracts of my entire career as an English teacher. My gut was right and he was definitely a piece of garbage.


23.) You cannot put a price on loyal friends.


You will meet men in your life that automatically click with you and always get along with you. These men are the some of the most valued treasures of your life. To this day I never forget the great souls that I have encountered. The Bearded despair of Saitama, the historian Genius of Winter Park, the Wandering Nomad who was once my apprentice, these men are some of the elites in my life. You know the valued friends in your life. Defend their honor with your very being. Good friends are far too rare in this life.


24.) Mind blowing sex is the quickest way to get a woman addicted to you.


Her name was Heather, she made the mistake of pursuing me. She had never been fucked the way I animalistically fucked her. The thing is, most women have no self control. They are a slave to their emotions. What they feel is their absolute truth in that moment. I never forget the day she came over before she went clubbing and I had my way with her on my couch. When we were done she lied there shaking, throbbing, and breathing heavily. I really wasn’t interested in her but she pursued me so much that she was practically dangling the sex in my face. So I took the bait that she wanted me to take. What I wasn’t prepared for was the after math.

Heather began to stalk me.


On Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and she even checked my cellphone when I was asleep (actually common behavior for any woman who loves you.) She befriended this beautiful Jewish girl that I was pursuing and began to take pictures with her and post them online. This was some Fatal Attraction shit and I was terrified. The craziest thing that happened was one night after the clubs, I saw her car parked in the distance across the street and she was watching me from inside her car to make sure I didn’t bring any other girl home. By no means was I afraid of the 5’0″ 110lbs girl who was obsessed with me, but at this point she was becoming a liability. I cut her off after that, but it makes for a great story now.


25.) When you’re trying to gain muscle or burn fat, the gym accounts for 10% and your diet is 90%.


If you want to lose fat, eliminate all carbs and sugar from your diet until you are happy with the way you look. If you want to build muscle, up your protein and slightly up your carbs. Fitness is easy and the hardest part isn’t in the gym but outside the gym. Count calories, avoid carbs, take in protein, eliminate sugar. That’s it.


26.) Girls who use online dating are usually bat shit crazy.


The easiest thing in the world for a woman to do is get a man’s attention. She just needs to look at him and say hi, then the guy will naturally try and date her at some point. If a woman needs to go online in order to find a man, she is most likely mentally unstable/emotionally unhealthy. As Patrice O’Neal once said ” A woman can go into a bar and grunt while pointing at her vagina and a man would take her home.” If she is online on any dating site, she either has been severely hurt by a guy(s) or she is crazy as fuck and all men run away after some time. Both can apply as well. You’ve been warned.


27.) Success is bred through sacrifice and delayed gratification


If you want to have an amazing physique, it will not happen over night. If that was possible all men would have the 6-pack abs that they desire. You have to sacrifice eating all the delicious unhealthy foods that are at every corner in the world and stick to a strict diet not veering from it one moment. Most entrepreneurs go through years of suffering to finally get their big break. There is no shortcut to success. It takes time, effort, repetition, and practice.


28.) When you’re good at something, you’ll tell people. When you’re great at something, people will tell you.


All across the globe the two most common things I’ve heard about myself is that I am smart, a good teacher, and handsome (thanks mom and dad). After hearing this for over 6 years it finally sank in. This is a great indicator of truth, because if multiple people see something in you and say it, there is definitely some truth to it. So if you wanna be great at something, put your head down and work until you start hearing what you want to hear.


29.) Assess the rules, know them inside and out, then break the ones you deem necessary.


The rules were put in place for a reason, but sometimes that reason is short sighted. They may be rules from a long time ago or they may apply most people but not you. By no means am I telling you to go on a shooting spree, but what I am telling you is this:

Always be an independent free thinker.


30.) Procrastination slowly chips away at your self esteem.


Procrastination is 100% an emotional decision people make, out of fear or laziness. The more you procrastinate, the more anxious, and depressed you can become. You know that already, especially if you’ve read this blog post all the way down to this point. Procrastination is a self deception tool. You think you’re going to live forever? You’re not. You’re dying right now. Every moment you waste not going after what you want in life is only adding to your unhappiness in life. How long are you going to continue to live like this? That mental checklist in your mind is never going to go away, so keep churning away, and going at it. Your work is only finished when you are dead. The best time to start?




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