Fast Food Women

Sure this looks good. But how you feel after it, is never good.



Fast food.


We all know it’s absolutely terrible for us. We know it’s cheap, probably not as good as advertised, and will have a bad effect on our mental & physical health.

So why do we consume it? 


For most people, it’s either a matter of they simply don’t know (although most people these days, thanks to information and the internet, know that fast food is outright DESTRUCTIVE to your body when you eat it.)  While others consume it in moderation, to enjoy it once in a while, which can be argued reasonable as well.


But the bottom line is that the negative traits of fast food outweigh the positive traits by far.


Many people have experienced this, including me.

My message to men in the video above is simple, there are women who resemble fast food and ultimately they are bad for you. They look good, they smell good, they taste good, but once you digest it, you realize it’s bad for you. The goal in today’s video is to bring awareness to men that a woman’s exterior appearance doesn’t always reflect who she is on the inside. I’ve seen it time and time again. Men that I coach come to me and say “She is a real wholesome girl, I saw her pictures on Instagram and she looks decent!” But I tell them all the same thing.


Just as a Big Mac looks delicious, good, and wholesome on an advertisement, women too can market themselves online to look to be better than they actually are.


Don’t be fooled. You have to judge a person by their actions and lifestyle. This is a reality of dating. I see men build women up to some kind of image in their mind before they even meet the girl in person at all! The truth is it takes time to see the real character of a girl you are dating. That is the only way you can truly understand her for who she is. This can usually be done in 3 months I say. But obviously if you see negative things earlier in the relationship that you don’t like…!



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