Outcome Independence is TRASH!


In this video I talk about why it’s a TERRIBLE mindset to be okay with losing. You have to want to WIN! You cannot be ok with losing. It is a slippery slope that will lead you down the path of mediocrity. Show me a guy who is ok with second place and I’ll show you a guy who is okay eating mud.


One time in Saitama, Japan. I entered a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu tournament. It was small tournament and it was me versus another guy. We were the only two guys in the 77kg weightclass. I took him down, but for the rest of the match he just held me there in his guard. He won by 1 advantage point. I was LIVID. I was mad at the way he just held me there in his guard but more importantly I was mad at myself. I don’t like losing. The award ceremony was 2 hours later. The staff gave me a silver medal.


“A fucking silver medal for showing up and losing?

I was disgusted. I took the silver medal, never wore it. I got off the podium and threw it directly into the trash and never looked back. I am not ok with a participation trophy. I am not ok with being gifted something. I want to earn it. If I had beaten another guy and then lost to the gold medalist, I would have kept the silver medal. But a medal for showing up and losing? No thanks. Not for me. Ever.