Overcoming Social Anxiety



Social Anxiety. What is Social Anxiety? Basically it’s a crippling over-analysis of a social interaction between you and other people. It’s absolutely humiliating, embarrassing, and it has even happened to ME! This is how I learned a process on how to overcome it which is explained in the video above.


Don’t let this be you. Life is meant to be enjoyed and enjoy with others. You can make a change today.


What does social anxiety feel like?

  • An immense pressure in your chest.

  • Overanalyzing every single movement, word, and gesture in a conversation.

  • A general feeling of helplessness in the conversation

  • A feeling of detachment from everyone involved in the conversation

  • An increased heart rate and shortness of breath


Has any of this every happened to you? If so, you have had a small bout of social anxiety. There is GREAT news however. You can absolutely overcome this and it doesn’t have to be who you are. There is hope. Check out the video attached to find the one technique I like to use that helped me overcome social anxiety.


Don’t let social anxiety cripple you and cause you to lost the woman of your dreams. A few minor drills can help you overcome this minor inconvenience.


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