Put Your Ego Aside





In this video I talk about man’s greatest ally and biggest foe. The ego. Rest assured that the ego can indeed be a useful ally, but it must be tamed.


A man ruled by his ego is quickly headed towards doom.


I find it interesting when I have a paid coaching client get onto Skype with me and then he starts to argue with me and debate with me on my strategy for him. Even though, he has sent me his hard earned money to receive help, he refuses to accept that what he is doing is wrong. His ego will not allow him to develop. As you can imagine, these kind of men don’t have much success because they refuse to listen to me, despite paying me for my help. However, the men who do listen to me, who don’t question me, who humble themselves and put their ego aside. These men THRIVE in their success. My coaching may not be for everyone, it’s very direct, and most cannot handle the criticism. But for those who do, they reap a mountain of success in the realm of dating.


Which kind of man are you?