The Great 2016 Recap: Seeing The Positive In The Negative

2016 was one hell of a roller coaster for me

Alas, 2017 has arrived and behind it was left a turbulent 2016. I refuse to be one of the basic bitch sheeple who constantly bemoan “2016 was the worst year ever!”. The sheep and I have nothing in common. I am a wolf. You are a wolf. We are strong hunters with kindred spirits. We lead the future and 2017 is ours as well.


I will jump right to it. 2016 was not kind to me but I learned a lot while going into 2 events of 2016 that really shocked me and defined me to greater things. Donald Trump won the presidency so 2016 will forever be remembered as one of the greatest years of my life, despite all the insanity that occurred. So without further ado I will tell you how 2016 gave me EVERY EXCUSE to be a victim, lay down, and cry “woe is me!”. But we are both here at Modern Life Dating. You know it’s not how we do things or how we will ever do things.


January 2016 Osaka, Japan: My Airbnb was shut down and the largest riskiest investment of my entire life was a failure. ($3,000.00+ lost)


I had the idea to start and operate a successful Airbnb after meeting a Hawaiian kid in Osaka, who ran a very successful one himself. I hired a real estate agent and we hit the town together. Looking left and right up and down we finally found a place. I went to Ikea with one of my girlfriends, along with multiple other shops to fully stock the Airbnb. After 1 grueling month of preparing it, it was finished. The bookings were flowing in, the money was coming to me, and everything was a huge massive massive success! But there was one thing :


The biggest flaw in my plan was from the beginning I didn’t tell the rental agent the truth about my business plan and that ultimately lead to my failure.


I was in bed with another girl and I’ll never forget the words on the phone call I received:



For those of you who can read that I am thoroughly impressed. The man was asking me to shut down the Airbnb. My stomach sank down deep into the underbelly of my toes. I knew it was coming. I rushed my plan and I didn’t fully execute the proper way in order safeguard my investment. The Airbnb was shut down and my confidence took a blow.


How I made it a positive


Fast forward to April 2016. I moved back to America for a short stint and had my second Airbnb attempt 100% ready to go and operational. I am now a Super host ( a top tier of hosts who are the best of all the hosts in the Airbnb). How did I turn it around? I simply took all the knowledge and mistakes I made from the first Airbnb and applied it to my second one. I am now one of the best in Orlando, Florida.


Rule of Positive Life #1: Don’t let the things that happen in your life define you. Define yourself. Life should always be on your terms.




June 2016 Daytona Beach, Florida:

I am diagnosed with Latent Tuberculosis.


I bet you didn’t see that one coming. I sure as hell didn’t. I had just gotten back from my trip to Colombia. Since everyone in the manosphere is always talking about how awesome Colombia is I decided to go check it out myself. Spoiler alert: Colombia is a shithole. (Sorry to all my Colombian readers but you guys know it’s true.) After going to any 3rd world nation that is ridden with disease, I get a medical check up just to make sure I have no sickness hiding inside of me. Lucky for me I was able to catch the tuberculosis. Now given I have been traveling the world since the age of 8 which has taken me to places as sketch as South Africa and Colombia has the 5th highest amount of tuberculosis in the world. When the doctor called me and said I had tuberculosis, I truly had made peace with God and accepted my fate that I was to die at the ripe age of 30. Luckily there are two forms of tuberculosis and mine was the dormant type. This basically means that it could “wake up” and kill me at any moment.


How I made it a positive


Even though I pretty much hated and was underwhelmed in my trip to Colombia, I believe in served a purpose. If I never went to that country, then I would never have gotten that follow up that happened to screen for tuberculosis (first time to that doctor and she did the tuberculosis check on my body). Tuberculosis is a deadly disease and it killed pretty much everyone back in the day (King Tut was a big one who bit the tuberculosis dust). If I didn’t get that health check, the disease could have easily awoken, killed me, and contaminated my friends and family potentially killing them too. I was very lucky to have this disease caught, controlled, and thankfully killed.




Life is inevitably filled with ups and downs. Good will happen. Bad will happen. The bad is usually out of no where, unexpected, and extremely unpleasant. This is irrefutably true. You cannot change it. What you can change however, is how to you react to what happens to you. I could have easily given up on Airbnb and just cried a myriad of excuses to myself as to how life is unfair and I’m a victim to it’s unfairness. Instead, I took full responsibility for my actions. I rushed the process and inevitably it didn’t come out the way I wanted it to. I owned it. I also looked at the positive. I already knew how to run, operate, and set up an Airbnb while doing it in another country where I struggled with the difficulties of doing the entire operation in a language foreign to my native tongue. But I did it and I did it alone. Then I came home to America and had support from family and friends with the luxury of executing the entire operation in English.


The tuberculosis hands down scared the living Christ out of me. I really thought that it was game over and my life was done, literally. But due to an unpleasant trip to Colombia and a doctor whom I never visited before, I am now immune to infection and it has made me a stronger person overall, literally.


Don’t let life happen to you, YOU happen to life.


Train your mind to look at things in a pragmatic and optimistic way.



We can’t fully control what happens to us in life. We can only minimize risks down to a certain percentage and even then shit can go haywire. Remember that every single day and life will be easier.


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