The Tragedy of Insecurity featuring The Artful Man

Insecurity is like a massive pimple right in the middle of your forehead. If you have it, you may not notice it but others can clearly see it no matter what you say or do to convince them that it’s not there. More importantly if you’re reading this you may be wondering how insecurity may pertain to dating. Well the truth is pretty cut and dry.


Women hate insecure men and easily spot them.


HATE. It’s a strong word backed by strong emotion. Women live and breath emotionally. To put yourself in such sexual exile is worse than hell for men, especially if you’re reading this blog. If you’re insecure you’ll be hated if you’re lucky, the only worse fate that can await you is being pitied by a woman. You don’t want to be insecure, this is the dark side of yourself that you have to face, confront, and ultimately slay. You must decimate it completely at all cost or it will decimate you. No matter how small a chance you think you may have, you MUST TRY to destroy it, whether it be your body, mind, beliefs, or other things. If you don’t fix it, you can never achieve your fullest potential. This scene from “The Hobbit” always invigorated me to tackle my own obstacles including my past insecurity no matter how small my chance of victory may seem.


Are you insecure? I created this short free video test that anyone, anywhere, can do for free that you should check out to see if you are insecure.

Here are some ways insecurity will hold you back in life:

  1. Women will avoid you like the plague. If you want even a normal dating life, chances are you won’t get it.
  2. People will take advantage of you. There are predators and prey in this life. Insecurity is not something a predator displays, but hunts for.
  3. You will never advance in the work place. Top bosses, managers, and executives promote men who are competent while exuberating confidence. A mousey man is despised by men in power in the workplace and often abused (see above). You’ll never be promoted and job interviewers will reject your attempts to join them.
  4. Your friends ( if you have any) will secretly pity you and avoid you. Hanging around an insecure person is no fun. You have to walk on eggshells, constantly monitor what you say, and do your best not to offend these types of people, not fun at all. People want to be comfortable, relax, and have fun with other people. Insecure people give off none of these qualities.

The Analysis of an Insecure Man : The Artful Man



I like Adam (The Artful Man), I really do. He came to me in 2015 on Twitter and our friendship ensued. He is really good at writing on twitter. An excellent marketer. His armchair analytics via Twitter tweets are very amusing and to the untrained eye he seems like a competent observer in psychology, despite having zero professional training in the field, using the Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator (which NO Psychological Association says has any validity or credibility in psychology), or any credentials to back up his ego driven analysis’ at all. But to the trained professional eye in , you can clearly see it’s all smoke, mirrors, fueled by a massive massive ego that throws temper tantrums like a 6 year old girl when you tell her she can’t have ice cream for dinner. Adam is an insecure man. He is in his late 20’s and finally has come to grips with the status of his life, and it’s not flattering. Let’s just say if anyone told him he was writing his tweets from his mother’s basement, they wouldn’t be 100% wrong (I don’t think his mom has a basement). However, for the record he is vehemently working to correct it.

Recently on twitter, I played an April fools joke on him by trolling him very hard. He went into quite the rage, even insinuating (hilariously) that I suffered from Oedipus complex. Basically he said I wanted to kill my (already dead) father, marry my mother, and that I was a loser for buying a Lightsaber during my trip to Disney World (a present for my nephew). In response, after heavily calculating the probability that I would ruin his life (<1%), tweeted his real name for only 5 minutes and quickly deleted it.(spoiler alert: nothing happened to him at all). That was for saying I wanted to sleep with my mother (gross!).

Having fun with my Disney date and the lightsaber I bought.


Clearly he was frothing at the mouth in this reactionary and emotional moment. He quickly deleted all the tweets after I said it was an April fools joke, however he could not delete the fact that I got one over on him.  His response was very histrionic. A lot was revealed by this outburst. Quite frankly, I thought he would realize the date was April 1st. He then quickly turned it all around (cleverly so) and played the victim card by telling everyone he is suffering from depression. Yes, this really happened. Even more interestingly, the masses were fooled! Bravo Adam!


This is him trying to save face for his outburst, the same type insecure men have in real life.


If words on a screen make you lose control in real life, other aspects of your life must truly be in shambles.


When you are insecure you’re unstable. Women need a man that is as stable as a mountain rock to anchor the chaos of their ever changing emotions and keep them grounded. You men reading this, you’re no different. You must control yourself, overcome your insecurities, and become the rock that women may anchor themselves to. Nonetheless I did this all as a lesson to help Adam grow and develop as a man. He has absolutely learned from this event and actually benefitted from it while suffering no loss at all! (Though he will never thank me due to his pride, similar to Kirk in my previous post)


Jealousy, Anger, & Projection:


Adam struggles with women and takes the classic denialist stance: “I’m simply not interested in women right now.” This is simply not true, all men want women and need sex in order to live a balanced life. He is currently going on a month+ long stretch without sex. Recently he posted this on twitter. Very interesting analysis is to follow so pay close attention to what he writes.


If he is not interested in women, why is he making moves on pretty women at work?


She is hot and her body language shows one thing: This guy is doing something right.


First things first, Adam is stalking the girl and posting it online to receive validation from his followers. Quite frankly, this is not something a secure man does. He immediately starts to bash the man who already has the very thing he wants. Why else would he sit with her at lunch? I doubt he wants to know about her stance on Philosophy or her thoughts on Brexit. Adam was making his move and got shot down. He then does what most haters do to things they can’t have: They bash them. He was so upset and hurt by this event in his real life that in urged him to publicly write about it online and then bash her. Secondly, calling his face perma-soy is quite ironic. “Soy” is a newer slang in English that basically says men are weak and effeminate because they consume too much soy foods. The man in the photo has masculine body language (her crotch is fully flat and pressed up on his body, that is the biggest tell), trendy fashion, good hair, and the most important accessory any man can have: a beautiful woman on his arm. The man photoed has this beauty and Adam is posting tweets on twitter that he is depressed. Who is really the soy boy here? I’ll let you be the judge. As you guys know, I love to run my big mouth when I see bullshit and call people out, so naturally I had to chime in with what I really saw:


I am the voice of reason in his sea of insecurity thrashing away at his manhood.


As you can see, I was trying to help. Letting him know that this behavior is very unbecoming of a man and his insecurity was standing out like the massive pimple on his forehead. Adam did NOT like what I had to say:


Words on a screen should never make you this angry.


Literally the first word he types out is faggot. He has been reduced to name calling yet a few words later he says I am acting like a teenager ! I can’t even make this up, it’s written there clearly! So hypocritical it blew my mind with it’s hilarity. He had lost control again. I called him out and exposed him before his beloved followers yet he couldn’t handle the irrefutable point I had given. He had lost with one rebuttal and his ego would not allow it.

  • Obsessed with women? Only the beauties.
  • Craves their attention? See above.

He was just slightly off the mark here hahaha !

This very interesting tweet struck a cord deep within me: 



This was a HUGE tell. Never once did I even think to compare intelligences. I transparently see through his every move so I already know I have surpassed him. This is why I was trying to help him throughout 2016. Here is the real bottom line: Smart people don’t go around telling people they are smarter than them. Never once did I say I hate it, nor “can’t stand it.” I, in fact, surround myself constantly with people who are smarter than me. The guy who has built my website is INFINITELY smarter than me with internet things. He is 25 and probably going to be a millionaire, if he chooses, by 45. I constantly tell him how smart I think he is. To put it simply:



The loudest in the room is usually the weakest. The cry of havoc is usually shrieked by the one that feels threatened the most. I’m secure in my achievements and my intelligence. My life is a testament to it. Some unknown facts about me definitely attest to my intelligence but I don’t post them all over social media gloating to be better that everyone.


  • I speak 3 languages
  • I have a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from a top university in Florida
  • I have owned multiple businesses and still do to this day
  • Successfully traveled all over the world alone and unguided
  • National Stage Acting Champion at the age of 16


But no one reading my twitter knows this, why? It’s irrelevant to the cause I have of helping men get better with dating. I’m secure in who I am. I don’t need to validate myself to anyone. Hell, the only reason I post interactions of me in real life and women is because some men want to see proof of my seduction abilities. So I post them. If I was online telling all the guys who sought my advice that I was better at them with women, what does that really say about me? More importantly, how does that help them? How does that show MY skill level? The only thing it does allow me to protect my ego via rationalization. So why does Adam feel the need to attack my credibility and lift his up? The answer is clear: Insecurity.

The other insults in the barrage of his fit were funny too. The one that really made me laugh was he said I am miserable. Most of you know I live in Tokyo now and I relocated here March 2nd. I am actually the happiest I have been in the LONGEST time! I was stuck in boring USA the land of fat women, if anything, I was miserable back home! Everyday I wade through a sea of beauties just going about my normal day. This is a land of abundant beautiful women, who more importantly, respect men. I am elated in this paradise!

What he is doing is projecting his already miserable existence onto me.

Without getting into much details, the ones of you who really know me and even met me personally in Tokyo or abroad know that I just closed the biggest deal of my life. I am anything but miserable. I am not sad at all. Hell, I almost bought a monkey the other day! (Tweet me for details) All men make fun of each other and shit talk, to weed out the weak ones. Men shit talk each other all the time, it’s our form of building bonds with our brethren. He took it too seriously and the end result was pretty funny to me:



He blocked me. Some men want to run away from their insecurities but the only one who suffers is them.


What’s the moral of the story? Confront and kill your insecurities.

  • Are you fat? Get your ass in the gym and start dieting
  • Are you a socially awkward fuck? Start practicing having conversations with people
  • Do you suck with women? Subscribe to every piece of social media I have and INGEST IT ALL. Then practice it and report back with questions.
  • Are you broke? Get a job, 2, or 3 and work your fucking ass off to fix your situation

THIS is the only way to fix it. Find out what you’re insecure about and crush it. No excuses!


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