Why Most Dating Coaches Are Complete Frauds

That’s right and it’s 100% true. “But wait a minute, aren’t you a dating coach Jonathan?” I am. Allow me to explain. The bottom line is this:


The men with the best seductions skills aren’t on the internet teaching it, they are out in the real world, having sex with lots and lots and lots of women.


Being Desired By Women Is A Great Feeling


“Then Jonathan, what does that say about you?”  I stand by what I have said. The reason why my content posting has been so inconsistent is because I am out in the real world, enjoying the company of beautiful ladies and by enjoying I mean having sex with them. For me, to sit down and crank out an article really takes discipline because I am always on the hunt. Luckily for you boys I have just come off of a 6 day straight sexual rampage here in Tokyo with 4 different women. My nuts are empty so I can focus until the primal desire returns, then it’s back to the hunt.

The dark side of game is once you truly become skilled with women, you can have them almost at demand. The caveat is as men our sexual thirst is insatiable. You learn to feed the black hole of male sexual desire at a faster rate. You can never subdue it.


The internet is typically filled with nerdy types. This is their world. They escape here because playing out in the real world is too difficult and challenging for them. When your digital life is better than your real life, you’re already doing it wrong. I’m 31 years old now. You know what that makes me in this game? A senior fucking citizen. I have been at it since 17. That’s 14 years chasing tail, getting better every year, with quicker seductions, and borderline considering retirement from the game( lol nah). Though, you never really retire from this lifestyle, you just sit on the bench, and see what comes your way. You cannot unlearn what you have learned in this lifestyle. It changes you forever.

When you’re in this game you are able to recognize your own kin. More importantly, you’re able to spot guys that simply aren’t as good as you in regards to seduction skill. The internet doesn’t draw a majority of people who are happy. Most people online are angry, depressed, or hate filled. Either searching for advice, or giving awful advice. In my journey to full understand the truth about relationships I have encountered men in real life and online who practice game and the bottom line is as clear as day:

The men who have the best game aren’t online learning nor teaching.

I’m a bit of a caveman like my self-professed redneck pal, Lloyd, when it comes to this whole internet business thing. Lloyd runs a website on the internet but he is extremely new to the internet atmosphere as I am. Lloyd is successful in real life far more than he is online. SEO, Metasearches, Alexa rankings, all this techno-babble is so foreign to men like us because we are too busy living in the real world. Lloyd is married with a child, owns a business, is the sole bread winner for his family, and shoots guns. Lloyd is a real man. He isn’t writing about how to be a real man, or how to own a business (yet). He is busy in the real world. Lloyd also knows how to date, get sex, and lead a woman. He has never written a book on it, he doesn’t teach it. He just lives it and enjoys a higher quality of life than most men ever will. Like Lloyd, before I did this, I was just out in the real world doing what I do. Having tons and tons of sex. It’s been pretty fun and awesome so far.

I met Kirk in Tokyo 2013. He is an avid poster on the ever so famous subreddit, r/TRP (The red pill). This is where a bunch of nerds online theorize about women but most actually have no clue about women. This site is their lifeblood of approval, existence, and glory. The more upvotes, the better. Kirk is a great writer. He is a truly skilled man at this feat. I used to read his writing and think to myself  “WOW! This guy must be a pussy hound!” When I met him, I was rather disappointed. Here before me was a slouched over skinny little twerp, with quite the effeminate mustache and fashion. He dressed like a gay man in Florida. I’m from Orlando and trust me I see gay fashion all the time. Gays love Disney and those homos are EVERYWHERE in Orlando. Kirk looked gayer than Christmas. Trying to be nicer to Kirk, I gave him the benefit of the doubt. There are only two types of men in the dating game. Guys who see your skill and ask to learn or those who see your skill and want to tear your down. Unfortunately, Kirk was the latter.

Our good friend Tommy used to throw these huge mega parties in Hiroo, a very posh and upscale district in Tokyo. Every time I went to them (4 times) I was able to end up in a bedroom with a girl giving me a blow job. Kirk was amazed by this but his heart was filled with rage and jealousy. As most of you know, nerds are very competitive online and Kirk saw this as me “beating him”. I was never competing with Kirk nor any other player, I am just a dude who likes blow jobs from hot babes. I am a man of simple taste. His jealousy struck me as a red flag and strike #1. When you have top level dating skills, you realize women are a dime a dozen and if you lose one, you really don’t care because you know hot 18 year olds are hitting the dating market everyday. With this mentality, you always win. Kirk was bullied when he was little so his took this childhood angst with him into his adult life. He wanted revenge. Poor guy, he is still like that to this day. The biggest tell for me that Kirk had no game, even though he had a massive audience online that always sought his advice online (lol) was a fateful Saturday morning. Kirk had spent the night with a girl that he had already had sex with on a different occasion. She spent the night with him but he texted our group chat the next morning complaining that “She didn’t make the move” so he didn’t sleep with her. LOL aside, this was strike #2 in my mind and further building my mental case that he was all talk and no walk. strike #3 came next in the text that was the nail in the coffin for me. “Guys, how do I initiate sex with her?”I bursted out laughing in my bed the moment I read this. My suspicion was verified. Two words described him: Amateur hour. Being the loving, gracious, and good man that I am. I told Kirk the simple advice that he needed. “Roll over and initiate it. If she doesn’t want it, she will let you know”. Kirk had sex, but you know he never said thank you. His pride wouldn’t allow it.

The Path of the Womanizer:

When you become a skilled womanizer, dating becomes predictable, and boring to an extent. When I am out on dates, I already see all possible outcomes, scenarios, and strategies. I am not surprised. I am not amused. I am horny and fulfilling the desire of my DNA. There are 3 paths a man usually takes after he has achieved my level of mastery.

The First Path:

Progression to darkness. The player becomes a Mack (man who gets women to pay for his lifestyle), then a Pimp (putting women out on the streets to sell their bodies and bring him 100% of the profit) is the first path. I have no intention of doing this, even though I probably could pimp and already have received sums of money of up to $2,000 from women. I have too much pride as a man and I like to make and earn my own money. This path will never be for me.

The Second Path:

The Eternal Player. This seems good in theory but for me personally, I do not want to die alone with no wife or children. I want to create a legacy. No children, no legacy. The eternal player lifestyle is a lonely and morbid one. “Delicious Tacos” is the player you never want to be. Although he has not achieved mastery, he is a slave to his ignorance, and vagina.

The Third Path:

The Teacher. This is the path I have chosen. We have seen a massive eruption of imbalance in the dating field. Men are more ignorant that ever regarding women in the USA. This is why I do what I do. I want to help men like you. If you’re reading this, you’re the reason I do this. You’re the reason I teach, upload videos, write blogs, pay for internet marketing lessons, buy web developer services. You are the reason.


As cliché as it may sound. Spider-Man was my childhood hero. The greatest line from the comic book is this:


“With Great Power, Comes Great Responsibility.”


I truly feel it is my duty to help my fellow brothers who need it. Follow me on Twitter and let’s guide you to the light.


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